REWARDS POLICY | Refine With Alfi




  • Users, whether registered or not, can earn rewards. Tokens can be earned based on an ALFI Token system.  The number of ALFI Tokens awarded for each activity is currently as follows: Tokens can be earned by completing a class (5 tokens) and by sharing on social media (5 tokens)
  • ALFI Tokens are awarded at the absolute discretion of Navl Limited.  Fremium Users and Pay As You Go Users are limited to holding up to 100 ALFI Tokens at any one time.
  • ALFI Tokens will:
    • be valid for a period of twelve (12) months from and including the date they are awarded, after which they are deleted; and, 
    • will have a notional monetary value of £0.01;
    • not be redeemable for cash on any basis other than as set out in clauses 5 and 6 below;
    • be redeemed at a rate to be decided by Navl Limited from time-to-time; and, 
    • may be exchanged for additional features or the privileges on the App 

that may be available from time-to-time

  • ALFI Tokens earned are recorded in the User’s dashboard.
  • In the absolute discretion of Navl Limited, Users may select in their dashboards one of the following options for use of their accumulated ALFI Tokens:
    • gift up to one hundred (100) ALFI Tokens, to an unlimited number of friends or other Users of the App. The points will be sent as electronic coupons to the nominee’s e-mail account. The coupon can then be copied and entered into the “ALFI & ME” section of the app, under “Redeem Gifts”. The coupon shall be valid for one (1) week and if unused it shall be returned to the User;
    • purchase items, where available, to update ALFI;
    • purchase a Pay As You Go class for the user, if they are a Freemium user.
  • In the absolute discretion of Navl Limited, Subscription Users (members) may select in their dashboard one of the following options for use of their accumulated ALFI Tokens each month. ALFI Tokens may be:
    • donated to a Charity chosen by Navl Limited, up to a maximum value of one thousand two hundred (1,200) ALFI Tokens per year. 100 tokens can be used each month. Registered Users can donate their ALFI Tokens to the nominated charity up to a maximum nominal value per month that Navl Limited will specify in the Rewards Policy from time-to-time;
  • Users are reminded that Navl Limited reserves the right, without notice to you, to terminate and delete your account, and withdraw any ALFI tokens accumulated by you, should a period of twelve (12) months elapse during which you do not use the App.  Any termination or cancellation of your account, for any reason, will also result in irrevocable loss of your right to accumulated ALFI Tokens.